Finally, Replace Your WORST Behavior Issues with 

Actual Learning 

using Our Proven System!



If you’re a Kindergarten or 1st grade teacher, you already know how important it is for students to be listening, focused, and engaged in order to learn.

Unfortunately, most K-1 teachers make the mistake of spending hours tweaking lesson plans or sifting through countless behavior management systems in order to have engaged students, when the issue has absolutely NOTHING to do with the teacher.

 95% of classroom management systems rely on one very misguided idea...teacher control.

You see, until there's a collaboration between teacher and students, there will always be behavior issues. So how do we do this?

Build a solid classroom culture!

The Cultivated Classroom has the solution you've been searching for. Inside our signature program we've helped other teachers build the 3 spheres of influence you need for a solid classroom culture that grabs students' attention, so they can ACTUALLY learn. We can help you too!

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